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Alosa Guitars

„ALOSA“ Archtop Guitars are highly demanded curiosities amongst today's guitar collectors. These guitars have been produced by the company „Alois Sandner“ in years 1947 to 1958.

The trade mark „ALOSA“ is a combination of the initial letters of the words „Alois“ and „Sandner“.

Such combinations of letters to form a trade mark were very common in those times. Similar examples can be found at the companies Franz Sandner (FASAN) and Josef Sandner (ISANA).

Nevertheless, despite of these affinities any family relationships between the business “Alois Sandner” and these two companies can be ruled out.

The most famous guitar models have been No.18 „Black Queen“ and No.21a „Black King“.

The well known artists Vico Torriani and René Carol have been playing on ALOSA guitars in the 1950s.

Vico Torriani has presented an ALOSA guitar in the movie „Gitarren der Liebe“ and „Ein Herz voll Musik“ (both produced by NF company).